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July 1: #QoTD

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Black Lives have always and will always matter. In fact, matter is the bare minimum of how a Black life should be described. Black Lives are cherished, loved, valued. They are the lives of teachers, and doctors, and parents, and firefighters, and zoologists and astronauts. They are the lives of our friends, our neighbours, our sisters and brothers and siblings, our partners and children. ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER. Regardless of age, or geography, or whether they have committed a crime, or gender or religion - every single Black Life matters and deserves to be protected. Especially by the Governments that serve them. Especially by the laws that govern them. Together, we can create change. Ignorance is not bliss, silence is not an option -- the world needs to change, we need to remove the structures and systems that enable racism and oppression. We need to deconstruct the world built many generations ago and rebirth one that suits this moment - the systems DO NOT work, it's time we create better ones that do work for ALL of us.

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